The colours of the displays shown on the website are just a suggestion. You decide in which colour and from what material the displays should be made for you. Below you can find some information about the types of leather and wood that are available.

Classic leather – an elegant, classic leather-like material, most often used in the production of jewelry displays. It is characterized by its smooth structure, making it easy to clean. We offer leather from our Classic collection in 8 modern shades:

Elite leather – the highest quality artificial leather, used in the production of displays. Its main distinguishing feature is the delicate, smooth structure and high flexibility, making the leather extremely useful in the most unusual projects. Our offering includes three of the most popular colours:
Natural wood, varnished – natural wood covered with a layer of clear varnish, allowing the natural texture of the wood to remain visible. Four types of natural wood to choose from:

Natural wood, stained – natural alder wood covered with a layer of stain in a suitably selected colour and varnished. The natural wood texture is visible under a delicate layer of stain and clearcoat. We offer this type of wood finish in 9 basic colours:

Wood / HDF varnished – natural wood or HDF covered with a layer of opaque varnish. The wooden features are completely hidden, the uniform colour of the selected varnish is visible. The basic offer includes 13 colours, others are available on request:
Metallic material – a delicate shiny material, ideal for platforms, display sets and other elements where the size allows for the full aesthetic value of the material to be shown.

Velvet material – soft to the touch with different hair lengths. Available in 12 colours: