See the Model Jewellery Showroom in our company headquarters.

Our office is located in Częstochowa, where on an area of 60m2 you can see and touch most of the products that we offer. Our goal was to create a model jewellery store with furniture, shop windows in Opti White glass, and various types of lighting; warm cold and neutral. You can also see samples of wood, boards veneers, fabrics and talk to specialists who will advise you on the best configurations for your interiors. On site we will show you the materials and types of wood we work with. If you want to check how your display or cassette will look before shipment or you need professional advice and you don't know what to choose, come to us - we are sure that together we will find the perfect solution. We were guided by the assumption that the displays and furniture shown in the showroom will be an inspiration and an answer to the question how to make your jewellery store stand out and increase sales? Both furniture and displays in our showroom are made by our production. Come to us to see and touch the display models. On the website or in the catalogue. See how comprehensive our offer is. In one place, apart from the Showroom, we have a shop where you can buy packaging, jewellery cleaners, Dispo displays and jewellery tools. We invite you to see how comprehensive our offer is.