Equipment for jewellery stores and studios

Do you want to have a beautifully and functionally equipped jewellery store? Are you looking for interesting solutions?
Or maybe you already have a vision, but you don't know how you can bring it to life? Would you like to give your product range better exposure and at the same time create a unique atmosphere of luxury and comfort in your store?

It is worth taking care of the window display of your jewellery store, because its effectiveness directly translates into profit. The window display is your announcement of what your customers can find in your store and is also at the same time one of the best forms of advertising for the whole range of products in the shop.

Exclusive but small goods such as jewellery need special binding. Ergonomics and aesthetics are the main assumptions that a company uses in designing displays for the presentation of jewellery and watches.

    • Get professional help and order a display design or display set that fits your counters, showcases and widows.
    • We make 2D arrangements and 3D visualizations of individual displays, taking into account the width, depth and height of the display
    • We visualize the furnishing of the entire store with jewellery displays
    • We design individual displays as well as entire display sets personalised with your logo
    • We advise on the choice of decorative materials
    • We also work with bookbinding material provided by the customer * We can paint the displays in the colour of furniture in your showroom or in any colour from the Pantone ®

What do you gain?

  • Expansion of your existing exhibition space by better and more fully presenting your jewellery in a transparent way Production of a prototype -you can see andfeel the concept that we have created. This way you can be sure that the product fulfills its purpose, you have peace of mind and save money if the prototype needs to be corrected. Continuity future displays will be made in the same way and will fit in with existing equipment. *Visualisation contains the exact number of display items you need to order. Personalised products result in better brand recognition and higher sales.
  • Powtarzalność – domówienie za miesiąc czy za kilka lat w przyszłości będzie wykonane w ten sam sposób oraz będzie pasować do istniejącego wyposażenia.
  • Wizualizacja zawiera dokładną liczbę elementów ekspozycyjnych które potrzebujesz zamówić
  • Spersonalizowane produkty powodują lepszą rozpoznawalność Twojej marki i wyższą sprzedaż

How to order? Through our website www.bugala.en the service department, email, telephone.

  1. Specify the size for the display to be designed (width x depth x height)
  2. What kind of display it is? For gold/diamond jewellery, fashion, wedding, men's, watch jewellery
  3. Provide additional information on what type of jewellery you want to present, the most and the least?

After providing this information, we will return with a valuation of the visualization.